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Pages brings you every pages you need to see on a plateau

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This is a great idea and could be a really helpful collection of websites to examine for your own projects. The problem is they all seem to be basic SASS products and also really highlight the homogeneity of tech design as of late.


A nice collection of websites!


They all look the same.

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@dwaldron: Most of them look the same, but it's not a bad thing. There is a few companies that can invest in web-design R&D. Smaller companies just can't so they re-use existing patterns, and they do it well 👌🏼
Interesting. What would be an example of an outlier that is dramatically different from this but still very visually appealing?

Beats many other inspiration curated / compilation sites.

The more webdesign curation sites, the better for the industry.

The problem with having only 2 or 3 "official web-design critics" is that many great projects go unnoticed because of the curator's taste.

Siteinspire is a good example of this unfair narrow offer.


ultra-decluttered design, well curated, practical


It should add other categories (how-to's, perhaps?)

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Great idea! This will definitely help me!


Clean UI - No signup required



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Good for Amerindian Marketing!

Looking forward to seeing how it progresses. It's something I will use on a regular basis as a designer to see what's out there and and also as a reminder to make an effort to make sure our sites don't look exactly like everyone else's.


- Straightforward and fast.


- None so far, but there is plenty of room to grow the concept.

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A similar pages feature would be a good nice to have


Neat clutterfree UI. Great starting place for inspirations. Brings forward the not so popular but well designed webapges.


The pages search should be better

Thank you for this idea. I’m a freelancer and this resource helps me much. I like the idea, UI and UX there, suggestions and all stuff. This site helps me to convince my customers how must the good design looks with illustrations. Thank you very much, guys!


Very clean design allows you to use this resource very fast and easy. Good collections of sites.


I would like to see this service as a separate resource from twitter. I don’t use a Twitter but want to login and use this resource.

make more categories please


Good inspiration to important pages


Need more categories of pages!