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Hello friends! My name is Michael and I'm one of the creators of PageFrog ( Big thanks to Eric for hunting us today! As you may have heard, Google is officially rolling out Accelerated Mobile Pages ( today. AMP pages are designed to load instantly on mobile devices and expected to have a significant impact on SEO (specifically through a huge advantage on the load speed metric). Google provides documentation for building your own AMP pages with code, but it can be difficult if you're not a developer. We built PageFrog, a free open source project, as an easy way for content creators to publish and manage content for Google AMP Pages (and Facebook Instant Articles!) Here are some of the things you can expect from PageFrog: * One-click process to enable AMP for all your articles and pages * Live mobile previews so you can see your content in AMP format as you write * AdSense (and other ad platforms) support to serve ad units in your AMP pages * Google Analytics (and other analytics platforms) integration for tracking activities on your AMP pages * Bundled with Facebook Instant Articles support with Apple News and Snapchat Discover coming soon * Full support for WordPress with support for more publishing platforms coming soon Let me know if you guys have any questions or feedback!
@michaelhsc This looks awesome! As a publisher myself, I'll be trying this out! Also, I'm the founder/CEO of KYA, an analytics company for digital publishers I'd love to chat more with you about ways we can integrate our platform with your project to make it easier for publishers to track with KYA while using AMP. Is there a way we can chat more about this? :)
@michaelhsc I'm looking for a solution for Ghost, so please keep us Ghost folks in mind as you build this out. Thanks! :)
@michaelhsc Curious. I'm thinking @blaurenceclark and I might be able to use this for our blog. Do you have a link to more information about the AMP thing you refer to? Good moving and looks like you'll get a lot of users quickly with this.
@datarade @blaurenceclark Certainly please feel free to give PageFrog a shot! You'll be able to enable AMP for HDP Health blog simply by activating the PageFrog plugin. If you're interested in learning more about AMP, Google has an official website with lots of great info here
@shortformernie Ghost is definitely on our list! We went with WordPress since it has the largest market share, but we're definitely working on support for other content management platforms.
PageFrog allows content creators to easily publish and manage content for Google Accelerated Mobile Pages and Facebook Instant Articles with full support for ads and analytics.
@erictwillis Thanks for hunting us, Eric!
So now that the FB Instant Articles are out, I can say that this plugin doesn't work correctly for neither AMP or FBIA. No updates, no support on the repo, no replies to email,... Stick to the official plugins.
Great job Team Sniply
@innovesque Thanks George! Always so good to see that you support everything we work on :)
Love it! Sniply is one of my favorite tools, and I'm installing this on one of my sites now.
@jonathanhaus Thanks Jonathan! Really appreciate the support :)