Page Anchor

A minimalist tool to make you read more ⚓️ 📖


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Page Anchor is a Swedish anchor bookmark that prevents your book from closing.

Page Anchor is our way of incentivizing the world to read more. Our mission is to make reading more relaxed and enjoyable through elegant and functional design.

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7 Reviews5.0/5

This is the kind of products that makes you go "how did no one think about fixing this problem before?".

Beautifully executed, high end and extremely simple to use.


A super easy way to keep books opened while cooking, studying and such!



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Elegant product, super smooth to carry in my pocket or bag, and really an accessory you can't be without once you have it and you start to think "why the hell did I struggle with reading before".


Saved me so many times when studying, learning to play piano, and even when relaxing on a beach and trying to read.


No cons.

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Thrilled to hear that your experience has been a good one, Arish! Cheers. :)