A beautifully simple open source password manager.

#2 Product of the DayDecember 29, 2019
Padloc is a refreshingly simple password manager for individuals, families and teams. Its combination of elegant, simple design with a rock solid, open source code base makes Padloc a unique app that is appealing to both technical and non-technical users.
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10 Reviews4.5/5
I‘m using Padloc for more than five years now. Tried other password managers but always came back to Padloc. It’s beautiful and easy to use. But most important: it’s open source so I can trust Padloc and put my private and sensible data in. Now the new sharing features are just great! We use Padloc in our teams for all the dozens of accounts along dev, test and production servers. We definitely can’t work and live without it anymore! Thanks maklesoft!
Are there browser extensions?
@dmitry3 not yet, but are working on better autofill support and will announce something soon 😊
@dmitry3 @maklesoft yes please! I think that most people really rely on autofill because it's such a waste of time and really annoying to have to open the password manager and copy-paste text all the time...
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Greetings fellow product hunters! What a thrill to be featured on Product Hunt again! 🤗 Padloc 3 is the latest iteration of the open source password manager formerly known as "Padlock". This is by far the the biggest update yet, and there are quite a few exciting changes and new features! To name just a few: - Organizations and Shared Vaults for sharing passwords, documents and other data with your family, friends or colleagues! - Encrypted file storage - Biometric unlock via Fingerprint or FaceID - A progressive web app for accessing your data directly through the browser - New and improved user interface The first one is certainly the one that we're most excited about. Have you been trying to introduce a password manager in your family or team but couldn't find one that people were actually going to use? Then you should definitely give Padloc a try! Do you have any feedback, questions or suggestions? Drop a comment! And if you want to read more about this release, check out our blog post: Oh, almost forgot: To celebrate our being featured on Product Hunt, the first 10 commenters will get a livelong 50% discount on all paid plans! 😁
Not gonna lie, commenting for the discount.
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This looks really great. I was going to sign up for 1Password soon but will definitely give this a try first! Any special features it offers which aren't offered by competitor apps?
@alex_furman Thanks! Well one of the things that makes Padloc stand apart from most other solutions out there (including 1Password) is that it is completely open source! But we're also trying to be different in other ways, like a fluid and simple user experience, a transparent and independently audited security model and amazing customer support 😊
@alex_furman You're one of the first 10 commenters! 🎉 Just shoot us a quick email and we'll send you your coupon code.