PackDog for Dogs

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Hi there! Pack is for people who love dogs. Before founding Pack, @megancasey cofounded social content platform: Squidoo (acquired by HubPages) with Seth Godin. At Squidoo, Megan saw first hand the magic of dog content. Dogs are incredibly popular for both consumption and creation. Plus dogs are the best. Dogs are family.
Here is my dog The onboarding and design are excellent for this product.
I agree with @jlax: Very nice design and signup process. Here's one of my two beagles: (Will add 2nd dog shortly)
Love these guys - great team behind Pack.
Note to self - never share dog websites with wife during work hours.
I have a dog and not sure why I would use this.
@jlax I'm guessing John would answer-- Community. Take a closer look at the site. It's about meeting other people who have the same breed you have.
@UXAndrew I've seen a few attempts at this in the past... mainly in the form of Facebook for ______ (e.g. dogs, cats, horses etc.)