Stress and anxiety relief through beautiful CBT tools

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Hey PH. Chris here, the other maker of Pacifica. I started Pacifica because I have anxiety myself and I wanted to make a thoughtful, quality app for other sufferers. It’s tough to get good treatment and these tools deserve a wider audience. I’m very excited to hear everyone’s feedback.
I added the Wiki for CBT, for those of you who aren't yet familiar with cognitive behavioral therapy. It's sort of like proactive therapy, versus traditional reactive therapy. I'm a fan!
@kikischirr Thanks for posting! I think @chrisgoettel has done an amazing job distilling the components of CBT down into accessible activities. The therapists we're working with seem pretty excited as well which has been pretty validating.
Hey PH! Dale here, one of the makers of Pacifica. Hopefully @chrisgoettel will show up soon, but my last email from him was just before 4am... Chris had the inspiration for what has turned into Pacifica; I've thrown in my 2 cents where I could. We're really excited to see Pacifica on PH - we think it's one of the few mental health applications based on clinically proven methods that really strives to fit into the daily lives of those affected by anxiety. Happy to answer any questions you have!
Also, we'd love to offer you all a free month so you can check out all of the activities. We don't have automated promo codes yet (I actually started coding it up yesterday). So you'll have to email with your login email address and we'll get you upgraded.
This looks very useful. I am going to download and giving a try.