Track and share your journey with a fun and easy app.

OysterX is your best adventure buddy! Explore the map to uncover the fog on the world and save your travel routes in a finger-free way.

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Hey guys! I’m Vincent, one of the co-founders of OysterX. Together with two good friends (@will_ding & @cheng_chi_yuan) we built an ideal APP - OysterX for every traveler. We love traveling. We believe travel memories is one of the most important part of who we are. After trying some of the travel record services on the market, we decide to build one by ourselves. OysterX is designed with three core concepts: Memory - Traveler need something more than Facebook check-in Fun - find a new relation between you and the map(Have a new ways to look at your map. Effortless - focus on the journey, no worry about anything, it works automatically Within OysterX, you will have a google earth-like 3D globe which will become more beautiful as you travel. All your memories on Facebook and Instagram can be easily imported on the your globe. Switch to map mode for more detail of your path. Map is covered with a layer of fog, only by be there you can uncover it, so you can easily remember everywhere you have been to. In the coming version you can even review your trip in 3D animation on the globe. iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/... Android: https://play.google.com/store/ap... If you have some feedback on OysterX, new ideas or design recommendations, please let us now! We are happy to answer all questions you may have! Vincent

Love the beautiful globe on the page. It would be nice to show more information on the globe(i.g. flight routes, houses). Also, the infographic is very clear.


It will automatically record where i've been to. No need to check my phone constantly. It also serves as a map when I travel.


Look forward to put some personal icon on my globe. Shorten the logging time.

Thank you! We will keep making the app better and better! We want to help everyone find the path back to their old good memory.
@yuanjen Thank you for your comment! We will keep make OysterX better for all traveler.
looking good! love the visual design
@yuhsuan_chao Thank you! We will continually improve it!
Looks awesome, feel impressive to the visual design. Well done team