OXI - AI sales team assistant

AI assistant tracks and improve sales team performance


Sales Reps just hate to waste time filling in CRM. So our idea is to use natural language processing and machine learning to automatically capture all data directly from e-mails and upload them to the Client Account.

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Lukas Chempinski
Michal Fraczek
Michał Kurzeja
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  • Pros: 

    helps tracking activity and effectiveness of the sales team


    for more analytics you have to integrate it with other software

    OXI is very handy, when it comes to automate tasks that sales simply hate, that is registering all the contacts and tracking the sales conversations done by mail. On the other hand, for managers it's a great tool to check and compare Sales' activity in terms of number of mails sent or time of reaction

    Małgorzata Rusin has used this product for one year.