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Curated wall of amazing collectible items

Ownetic Discover is a curated wall of the most fascinating objects shared by collectors and creators on Ownetic – a social platform for people who collect all kinds of things: from stamps, coins and vinyls to Star Wars figures, vintage computers and film memorabilia. Discover remarkable collections and reveal stories behind them.

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We’ve built Discover to attract attention to some fascinating objects shared on @Ownetic helping them be discovered by a wide audience of curious people. Featured items are curated by our team and represent various collections and categories. Exploring the page, you can come across vintage computers, unique stamps, cool pieces of vinyls or marvelous LEGO! Find the things you like, click on them and learn more! If you want to become an Ownetic member, create a free account and share your collectible items with our community :-) Have a nice journey and let us know your thoughts!
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There's something about collectibles /collections I find quite fascinating. I used to collect pogs when I was really young, and then postcards in my teens. I am more minimalist now and don't really collect anything but would love to hear - what collections you have at home and showcase on Ownetic? What are your plans for the platform in future? @mikdunikowski @zofiadunikowska
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@abadesi @zofiadunikowska Thanks for asking! We are passionate collectors of modern art, posters and for many years now, mantle clocks, which you can see here: https://ownetic.com/profile/01C9... We see the importance of Ownetic as a place to became the default destination for all things about collecting and creating – and also all kinds of collectibles and creations! On a daily basis we grow the feature set and work closely with the community to make Ownetic the place of our common dreams. First of all, Ownetic is about the community, about people and their collections, the stories behind them. Secondly, you can manage your collections on a high-end system completely for free. Of course we will introduce features that will allow the community to grow their collections – selling/buying/trading. We treat all distinct collectors and creators with special care regarding their unique needs. So e.g. artists, who want to showcase their work on Ownetic to be discovered by other collectors will soon have more options in their profile, like bio, exhibitions and more. I thinks there is no better place than Product Hunt to share one more information 😻 At Ownectic we are in preparation stages to fully integrate Blockchain technology into our system to take care of provenance of collectibles. What’s more we are also in experimenting stages with what’s becoming one of the hottest topics right now: Cryptocollectibles! So there I said it! :-) It’s coming, it’s hot. We think that Ownetic is the killer app and use case for these amazing technologies. #feelingexitetedrightnow
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I think this platform later will trasform in a ebay for collectors or smth
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We love ebay @bitrewards. It’s a great platform that many people love and we think selling on ebay might also be a future feature for Ownetic. Ownetic’s main focus will rather be concentrated on the managing, social, showcasing and collection/creation part.
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I love that I have a collector specific website to be able to catalogue my entire collection for easy viewing. The development team seems dedicated and open to user input. I really look forward to the future of this company.

I have used it longer than one month, but less than a year.


Aggregation of your collection, finding similar collectors, niche interest focus, Facebook group to communicate with developers directly,


New, still in development,

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