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Hello Product hunters! My name is Ashutosh πŸ–– and i'd like to tell you a little about Owlie - a beautiful app for quick and easy decision making among a group of friends. - Which movie 🍿should we watch? - Where should we go for summer vacations? πŸ– - When should we all schedule our family picnic? 🚎 If you are like me, you must have felt that it is hard πŸ˜“ to make decisions quickly with a large group of friends on messaging apps πŸ“±. Decisions keep on dragging πŸ’€ , with constant back and fourth, no end in sight, and many times, just die out 😡. This is because messaging apps are not meant for decision making for large group of friends 😟. Owlie 😎 is our attempt to solve this problem. We've created Owlie with a vision πŸ‘€ to facilitate quick decision making πŸ––. Users spend too much time on planning πŸ“… rather than doing πŸ„. We are using artificial intelligence πŸ€– (AI) and different integrations with API's (🌀 πŸš• πŸ“… πŸ—Ί ) to help us accomplish this 🎯. - Want to decide where to go this winter for a vacation πŸ– ? Owlie provides you the weather ⛅️ conditions at those places. - Want to schedule a meeting ⏰ ? Owlie looks at your phone calendar πŸ“† and tells you your availability 😎. - Once you and your group of friends reach a decision, Owlie tries to provide actionable "Next steps" πŸ‘ (Ref. Integrations) so that you move quickly from decision ✍️ to action πŸ„β€. We believe that all products πŸ•Ή should empathise πŸ™‡ with their users. Please try the Owlie app and provide your valuable feedback πŸ‘. With your support πŸ’ͺ, decision making πŸ€” will never be the same again . Thanks! πŸ––
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Great idea @ashutosh508! The only issue I foresee is getting all of my unreliable friends to download the app in the first place to actually get to the decision making! How do you overcome that obstacle?
@nickamessina @ashutosh508 I haven't used it yet, I know it has a Messenger bot. Would be great if the bot can make the voting happening w/o friends installing the app, for being involved in the fb group conservation..
@nickamessina Thank you! πŸ™ You are absolutely on point πŸ‘. We learnt this in the beta testing phase ✍️ and created a Webapp 🌐 to overcome the obstacle. The entry point is really low. Weblinks to questions can be shared via any app πŸ“±. Your friends don't need to download the app or even login to give their opinion πŸ€“. They can answer from the mobile browser anonymously πŸ‘». If a friend likes the experience and want to let herself be known, she can signup on the browser.
@bluemonk482 @nickamessina Woa! 😱 we have the same flow in mind. We created a MessengerBot πŸ€– just for this. I admit πŸ˜₯, we still have a long way to go as far as the bot is concerned (both in terms of UX as well as AI). You should see new updates to it in the coming week. 😊
@ashutosh508 @nickamessina if the app does allow me to share it as a web link, or whatever lowest barrier to use there is – I'd highlight that right at the top of your landing page. Right now, it doesn't show the FB bot till you scroll all the way down the webpage. You could have a first-run on the webpage – like "here's how easy it is to make a decision" and have users generate a shareable link immediately. Show the product value before you show the 'Download App' buttons. πŸ™‚
The incredible lack of friction that FB Messengers offer in onboarding & use is unprecedented. This app looks swank, but so glad there's an option where I don't have to DL anything. @OwlieApp @ashutosh508
Love the look!
@donte_ll Glad you like it! πŸ˜€
Really nice idea Ashutosh! It can really catch on, and just gave it a spin. App UI is really nice, but the link I shared in a group no one was able to open it on a browser. If you're able to solve these small issues quickly, dont see any reason to stop you! All the best
@royalenfielder Thank you Vineet! πŸ‘ will fix this asap.