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Practical, accessible, grounded by founder experiences.


Targeted to tech businesses raising early-stage rounds

Max and Mike offer a practical, accessible take on raising money learned from their own experiences in building their businesses. They are straightforward about their businesses, their goals, what they learned, and how it can apply to your own business. Everyone's advice is tempered by their own experiences, and rather than run from that, Max and Mike are upfront about what their businesses, their goals, their pitch decks, and their experiences, so you can judge how their advice fits with your own goals. I got to see the early stages of their businesses up close - and they reference my materials on financials - so I'm not an impartial observer, but that's enabled me to see how they processed their experiences, and I enjoyed reading their take on topic that's been covered widely, but rarely deeply. Instead of getting lost in the abundant advice available on the web about how to raise money, start with this.

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