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Oversubscribed: A Founder’s Guide to Seed Fundraising is a free, 97-page ebook with everything you need to know about early-stage fundraising. It's the book we wish we'd had when we were first raising money for our startups.

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Taylor Davidson
Nazlı Danış
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  • Mike Tarullo
    Mike TarulloCOO, Banza

    A clear, one-stop shop for those considering raising seed money


    Most applicable to the broader tech sector (eg less for cpg, biotech), but can be referenced for all industries.

    Instead of trying to aggregate 15 blog posts and add my own layer of color, it's way easier to direct people here. There's clear, actionable insight and no bs. You don't need to be independently wealthy or fantastically connected to raise seed $.

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  • Tim Dingman
    Tim DingmanCo-Founder & COO, Castle

    Easy to read, comprehensive, specific, battle-tested


    Doesn't cover priced rounds or using an attorney, but you probably don't need either of those for a seed round!

    I read a pre-release version and found it invaluable in understanding the journey a CEO takes when raising a seed round for their company. Hoping to put it to use myself one day!

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  • Barry Conrad
    Barry ConradDirector of Entrepreneurship, VFA

    Comprehensive and approachable. Filled with best practices and advice that will move founders along the fundraising path faster.


    Should have been written a few years ago - would have saved me a lot of time!

    This is a one stop shop for founders looking to raise a seed round. My advice would be to read this well before you plan on raising and consult as needed along the way. Even if you've raised before you're sure to find a wealth of helpful information in Oversubscribed.

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  • Will Herman
    Will HermanAuthor, entrepreneur, startup mentor

    Comprehensive, but super easy to read and understand. Not just about funding sources, but about the psychology behind those sources.



    I had a chance to read a pre-release version of the book and found it to be an excellent guide for new entrpreneurs looking to get funding. It demystifies the sources of funding by explaining why they may or may not want to invest in your company. I especially like the book's discussion about how an entrpreneur should approach funding sources and how to build scarcity and demand with them.

    Excellent. Must read for new entrpreneurs.

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  • Stuart Balcombe
    Stuart BalcombePaymentLink

    Easy to follow, actionable advice written in a way that makes it relatable as a founder.


    None that I've found.

    If you're considering raising money or have already started this is a must read. The clearly organized chapters provide the guidance you'll need for each stage of the fundraising journey and the founder anecdotes provide real world examples of how to apply what you're reading.

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  • Taylor Davidson
    Taylor DavidsonFounder, Foresight

    Practical, accessible, grounded by founder experiences.


    Targeted to tech businesses raising early-stage rounds

    Max and Mike offer a practical, accessible take on raising money learned from their own experiences in building their businesses. They are straightforward about their businesses, their goals, what they learned, and how it can apply to your own business. Everyone's advice is tempered by their own experiences, and rather than run from that, Max and Mike are upfront about what their businesses, their goals, their pitch decks, and their experiences, so you can judge how their advice fits with your own goals. I got to see the early stages of their businesses up close - and they reference my materials on financials - so I'm not an impartial observer, but that's enabled me to see how they processed their experiences, and I enjoyed reading their take on topic that's been covered widely, but rarely deeply. Instead of getting lost in the abundant advice available on the web about how to raise money, start with this.

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  • Jon Salm
    Jon SalmBiz Dev @ SpokenLayer

    Provides an insider's POV to help demystify the black box that is early-stage fundraising


    More examples, case studies, and industry-specific tips would be great

    Oversubscribed will greatly benefit anyone in the startup world - or thinking about getting into it. It explains everything from the key differences between angels and VCs, to why founders need multiple versions of a pitch deck, to how to manage a swift and successful raise. Max and Mike lean into their own experiences as first-time founders and aren't shy about sharing what they've learned, both good and bad.

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  • Luke N Armour
    Luke N ArmourFounder, Chaac Ventures

    100% recommend this book not only to first time founders, but also repeat founders, VCs, angels, and employees at startups. Extremely useful


    No cons, but would love an Audio version!!

    As the founder of a seed venture capital firm, we often meet young, ambitious founders, who have everything they need to go out and build a great business, except for some of the basic guidelines and inside information and vocabulary that older, repeat founders and vcs have learned through experience.

    Oversubscribed is perfect for when we come across those founders; it undoubtedly will help them get a leg-up in fundraising. In addition, this is now required reading for all of Chaac Ventures portfolio companies.

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  • David Kircos
    David Kircosstudent, MSU

    Great advice for not only how to raise money but when it makes sense to raise money for your company.


    None I've found.

    If you are considering raising seed money I recommend reading this guide from those who have done it before. Additionally I always recommend reading Brad and Jason's Venture Deals.

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  • Lester Lee
    Lester Leeco-founder, Ahoy-hoy

    Practical, applicable to the current landscape


    Wish I had this a month ago

    Everyone's fundraising story is a little different so there's no one right way to approach it. This book, however, provides a good basic framework to understand most of the variables founders encounter along the way. It's best served as a Field Guide before and during the seed process.

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  • Pros: 

    Includes the WHY and the HOW of fundraising, transcending the disparate and overly general advice you typically find


    Guess it would be nice if it included some templates, etc, to use when fundraising

    I posted a comment already, so I'll keep it short: this is a must-read for first-time founders.

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  • Pros: 

    Activities and behaviors clearly laid out in place of generic advice (e.g. "create urgency") that is so common in the space.


    No female-specific fundraising advice.

    Was fortunate to be able to read this pre-release and it's truly impacted at least one action or behavior each day since reading.

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