Overdog helps you game with people who share your interests

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Hey Product Hunt! I'm one of the founders here at Overdog. I just wanted to chime in on the comments to let you know that we will have several team members keeping an eye on the comments here today to answer any questions. Curious about our plans for PC games, or mobile and tablet? We're happy to share what we can about our current roadmap. If you've used Overdog and have questions or thoughts about specific features, we would love to hear from you. Thanks!
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@hthill because he's modest, i'll just add the fact that Hunter was also a member of the Chicago Bears, played in a Super Bowl, all while getting his MBA from Northwestern University. He's a badass.
@mulligan, it's been a pleasure working alongside @hthill for the last year. I heard Chuck Norris actually bowed down to Hunter's based on his level of badassness. :)
@mulligan Also excited your your AMA and Hunter's http://www.producthunt.com/live/...
Overdog has launched the first interest-based matchmaking service for gamers on Xbox One in the US, Canada, and the UK. Overdog enables gamers to create profiles that help them find others, both online and offline, based on shared interests. The matchmaking tools in Overdog also allow gaming influencers and developers to connect directly with their fans on the console. The Overdog team also created a web portal so you can browse and search topics that connect directly to your console. Too many people love gaming, but end up hating the people they have to game with. Overdog aims to solve that problem, one shared interest at a time. For example, you can use Overdog to seek out other fans of Product Hunt and riff on your next awesome product while dominating in Call of Duty. We would love to hear your feedback and of course play some games with the PH community!
Sounds cool, definitely gonna try this out. But have you guys heard about Updog? The concept seems similar
@andknf Here is an upvote. I like the cut of your jib.
Hey @sethlouey. Just sent you an email via hello@overdog :)
@thekristikelly Awesome! Thank you. Responding. :)
Really excited about the intersection between online and real life. Gaming is a great platform for that to happen. All the best of success to you guys!
@jamestodd Thank you! It truly is incredible thing to see a group of strangers sit down and have a meaningful game experience based on what they are interested in. I can't wait to match up with people who game like Product Hunt now that there is a PH topic on Overdog.
@jamestodd Thanks! We have had a great response to the platform and have received an outpouring of kinds words from our users. I am truly excited in the next several weeks to unveil where we are heading with Overdog as it continues to evolve.
@jamestodd Thank you! Kind message.