Outplanr + Slack

Check your Outplanr team status and add new tasks from Slack

We have a fantastic integration with Slack, that helps your Team to stay in touch with everything that is hapenning in the company, without leaving Slack.

See when all tasks are started, paused and completed, check new comments and create new tasks in Outplanr directly from Slack. Give it a go!

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Bruno Figueiredo
Outplanr CEO
Hi! I'm Bruno, Outplanr CEO. We created a new Slack App for Outplanr (www.outplanr.com) and we were just listed on the Slack App directory, yay! The Outplanr app for Slack links your Outplanr account to your Slack team. Your Slack Team will be able to stay on top of everything that is happening across your Projects into a Slack channel, as well as quickly assign new tasks without having to leave Slack. Give it a go and tell me what you think!
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