Airbnb for outdoors equipment

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"Heroku | No such app." Is the site down already? Because this is a great idea ripe for imitation.
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This makes a lot of sense. To @UXAndrew's point, I never go camping, in part because I don't have a tent, mobile BBQ, etc. That said, since this is targeted for the recreational/infrequent camper, it may be challenging to turn Outdoors into a big business. You might rent equipment once or twice a year but as soon as you become a serious camper, you're likely going to purchase your own gear.
@rrhoover Aside, if you're camping around the Bay Area and want equipment for every now and then use, the cool kids at Alite will lend you theirs for free: http://alitedesigns.com/ranger-s...
@rrhoover Good point. As an avid camper, I see the opportunity here for situations where you take non-camper friends or colleagues with you. A bunch of friends of mine saw my Sequoia trip photos and said, "Take us with you!" I have my own equipment, but not enough for them. In that case, I would direct them to _______ (equipment rental). Currently, Sport Chalet does tent rental, but not sleeping bags (for sanitary reasons).
@rrhoover @uxandrew https://www.zent.com/ is a similar concept which is now live in beta mode; at the present moment, Zent offers outdoor, sports gear and gadgets. While the idea is appealing, it's tough to execute. I highly recommend reading this 'self depricating' post by gearcommons founder. https://medium.com/@MichaelBrown...
Pumped to be working with @rauston and team @ Coolhouse Labs
I posted this because about once or twice a year I think "Wow, I should go camping..." and I never do because it's always such a production. I don't own a tent or a sleeping bag, only some of my friends do, etc. etc. etc. I wish there was a service near me that had this kind of thing so I could just rent some equipment for a weekend and go have a nice time. Outdoors equipment is expensive, but renting it shouldn't have to be.
Rent to own got a bad wrap in pre-Internet days because it felt like paying 3X for something you should probably save for... Internet layaway is an interesting concept, and I'm not sure if I've seen any company ever successfully pull it off... For example, what if, like @rrhoover mentioned I could rent twice a year for 20 bucks each time (40 dollars I never get back) or rent twice a year for 25 dollars with the extra 10 dollars going toward any future purchase? Wouldn't you think to yourself "Okay, it's 5 more bucks and eventually I might want a tent and why not?" Then when you did want to buy a tent, where would you go?