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#2 Product of the DayAugust 30, 2019
Outcode is a freelancer marketplace that does thing differently: our project managers take care of your task on your behalf from A to Z and the work is done by our small, talented community of London-based freelancers.
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Be careful - in their top devs section, the photos are fake. They are pulled from thispersondoesnotexist.com. Open one of the profile pictures of one of their "devs" and you will see it is generated by AI (blurry ears, etc.). Examples: I get that you want to have social proof before you even start. But don't fabricate social proof. Only scammy ICOs do that.
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@albste Thank you for bringing justice to the internet and protecting us from thieving scammers, Al Magico ! Yes, like 90% of products launching on Product Hunt, we are very early and use pictures from the internet. That doesn't mean we're not real people writing real code. However, I do agree that the practice is a bit misrepresentative, so i just took this section down from the website.
@albste @elliot_seror I was excited about this product until I saw this sarcastic response. When you're called out for doing something sketchy, apologize and correct, don't shame the person who's helping you.
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Why the bias towards London-based freelancers? What's wrong with the rest of the UK? Rest of the world?
hey @dayall good question, absolutely nothing. We're taking the stance of having the team in a single city as much as possible to begin with. Outcode aims at being a community, and it's a (maybe imperfect) way to ensure some kind of consistency in the work we do, and to together think about ways to place a very high bar on software built by Outcode devs. That's what differentiates us from traditional platforms where everyone can sign up to be a freelancer, making the code quality of the output variable at best. So I'm not saying this is the best way but it's our way :)
Would be helpful to see more details about the vetting process you guys use / past work, as of now the site itself is very vague in this (arguably very important) area. Best of luck!
@raroque Yes, we'll definitely share more on the website ! Right now we dig into the devs github profile and their resume and do a skype or in-person interview with them. We're not asking technical questions just yet but should maybe start to do so in the near future... what's your opinion on the subject?
Will you charge extra if we want some changes in a project during development phase ?
@hammad_akbar we charge in function of how long the dev spends on it, so if the feature already has been coded, yes, it will probably cost extra :)
What if a project needs more things done, 3 months later? I'm thinking probably then a new freelancer / group-of-freelancers will do that additional work? Or you've thought about ways to re-connect with the original freelancers so they can continue?
thanks for asking @magnus_lindberg. Yes, the same freelancers to the extent that they're available and depending on the client's deadline. Maybe more importantly from a client perspective, we would assign the same project manager as well.