ŌURA Ring v2.0

Advanced sleep and fitness tracker


The beautiful Oura ring automatically collects and wirelessly synchronizes data to the Oura app. It measures your physiological signals, with no switches or flashing lights. Just wear it.

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Jüri Kaljundi
Mikko Alasaarela
Ville Vesterinen
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  • Bob Troia
    Bob TroiaEntrepreneur, Emerging Tech

    Smaller form factor, longer battery life, better charging, on-demand HRV, open API


    No GSR sensors added?

    The original Ōura ring is the best sleep tracker around so looking forward to the next-gen model! I've seen a preview of their updated app and glad to see they are surfacing a lot more data that was previously only accessible via their API. Ability to take HRV measurements at any point during the day is a great improvement.

    Bob Troia has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    way smaller size, longer battery life from 2-3 days to 7 , better charging, on-demand HRV


    does not track HR during sports which is relevant for me but not necessarily for everyone

    Love the first gen and seems like the v.2 has remedied most of what I was unhappy with the most important one being size. If you're happy with any other tracker in the market I can guarantee that even the first gen Oura is better and now it seem the v.2 is a big leap forward from already a good product.

    Ville Vesterinen has used this product for one year.
  • Chris James
    Chris JamesCo-Founder at PrimalHacker

    Smaller than original, better tracking.


    People will want to steal it

    I've had the original ring for over a year now but after talking to the Oura team at Paleo FX I really can't wait to receive the new one later this month!

    Chris James has never used this product.
  • Tuomas Saarela
    Tuomas SaarelaUX Designer | Yousician

    The best wearable ever


    Old model a bit big, but that's going to change in the next model

    It has helped me improve my sleep and recovery a lot!

    Tuomas Saarela has used this product for one month.
  • Catherine Crandall
    Catherine CrandallDo Vitamins & Dietary Supplements Better

    Smaller than the original Oura ring, charging has improved. Love the new look too!



    Love the app, the reminders, the different metrics. I get compliments on how it looks by people who don't know it's a sleep wearable.

    Catherine Crandall has used this product for one month.