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An open source exit intent detection library

Christopher Krohn
  • Christopher Krohn
    Christopher KrohnMarketing Coordinator at 24onoff

    Super easy implementation


    Some coding skills needed

    Super happy with how this has worked out for our website.

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Thanks for posting @jasondainter! Not sure if this will resonate with PH since it's just a library, I actually asked @rrhoover on Twitter a while back https://twitter.com/CarlSednaoui... :) If anyone on PH has any questions don't hesitate to ask — I'm here to help!
@CarlSednaoui see your point but 'just a library' is under selling it :-) especially when all the competition to do the same thing is so expensive! Took us about 1 hour to implement, and saved us hundreds of dollars per month as a result.
@jasondainter Nice!! Super happy to hear that — I might take that quote and put it in the repo README (if you don't mind) :D
@carlsednaoui @jasondainter @rrhoover Very compelling option. Thanks putting this out there in the world!
Detecting page exits seem to be an increasingly common tool for digital marketeers. I've always been surprised by the amount that tools like Exit Monitor and Bounce Exchange charge for delivering this 'as a service', this little library (courtesy of @CarlSednaoui) does it for free.
I don't get why this don't has more upvotes. Clearly: you can just use it if you have a developer or are one yourself – but it's amazing. I would always prefer this over one of the paid solutions. Not just because its free, but because you have a whole lot of more flexibility on the functionality and design side. Thanks a lot for creating this @CarlSednaoui
@jaschaio Thanks for the comment, glad you like it :)