Otto Everywhere API

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The Otto Radio team is back with a big update! 🎉 Introducing our Public API. With “Otto Everywhere API” your customers can experience personalized audio content from top news outlets and podcast publishers with just a few lines of code. Example Uses of Otto Everywhere API: Automotive OEMs – Now your drivers can listen to news and podcasts about subjects they choose during commutes, road trips or just a quick trip to the store. Wireless Headphones – Turn your listeners’ next workout into a world news briefing or their evening dog walk into a mystery-theater adventure. Smart Speakers – Let your users wake up and get their own front-page of news read to them or hear podcasts about nearly anything under the sun. Smart Appliances – Allow your customers to hear celebrity-chef gossip or catch the latest episode of their favorite foodie podcasts while cooking or working in the kitchen. Content distributors – Quickly build a podcast vertical to enrich your customer’s browsing experience. The Otto Everywhere API is broken down into three main services: Push-button Station – The ultimate lean-back experience. Receive playlists with the push of a button. Theme Station – A radio station limited only by your imagination. Append a search query and receive themed station around a specific subject that you’re curious about now. News and Podcast Recommendations – Control the listening experience. Receive top news and trending podcasts and present them to your customers in the order you prefer. The Otto Everywhere public API enables ‘internet of things’ manufacturers, automotive OEMs and content distributors to provide their customers audio content from top news outlets and podcast publishers at no cost and minimal integration effort. API Documentation Thank you for your continued support, feedback & helping us satisfy curious minds. We’ll be on Product Hunt all day to answer any questions. Thank you, Product Hunters! Happy listening, Adam and the Otto Radio team
Otto is changing the audio distribution game. These are some top notch additions to an already incredible platform.
@vincenzolandino Thx Vincenzo! We appreciate the support!