With Osiris, you can surf the Internet at an increased speed that’s 3x to 7x faster than other browsers. You can also enjoy watching your favorite videos without any worries of buffering, lagging or ad interruptions.
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How do you differentiate or excel from Brave browser?
@falak_sher, I've already forwarded your question to our dev team. We will revert back to you shortly. Thanks!
@falak_sher, our focus is more on rendering web3 (blockchain) based sites smoothly without additional installations or having the user spend a week studying blockchain. Do stay tuned as we will be releasing our other products soon.
I'd like to invite everyone to download and test the app in Google's Play Store: http://www.clkmg.com/hypercube61.... Once you've downloaded the app, please open and test out our new browser. You can also go to YouTube.com and watch a few videos to confirm that it is all ads-free. Please feel free to leave us a review and/or rating of our app in the Play Store. Thank you!
By no buffering, does this browser force vids on youtube to load fully if you pause them?
@oliverolson7, let me get back to you as I need to clarify this with our developers.
How is this different from Kiwi Browser which has got adfree feature and also supports chrome extensions?