Osaka French Press

The best cup you'll ever brew

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The first French Press to give you control and consistently great tasting, grind-free coffee unlike any other

Jess Stalker
Osaka Coffee
  • Osaka Coffee
    Osaka CoffeeI speak for coffee lovers everywhere.

    Airtight locking mechanism.


    You just haven't heard of us yet.

    You won't find a better French Press.

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ZEFAREU@deleted-846654 · Headline.
I've read through the info on the site, and I'm struggling to understand what this does that the Aeropress doesn't.
Gabe Grimley
Gabe Grimley@gmgrimley
I had to figure out what made this ordinary-looking French Press different than others... From their link (Kickstarter): "Our french press utilizes a patent-pending mechanism that seamlessly separates the grounds from the coffee, giving you the power to stop the brewing process exactly to your liking. When the filter isn’t being pushed down, it will fully lock to prevent over-extraction."