Oriol Gallery is a curated art platform that makes art buying more affordable and less elitist. Today, great art is plentiful, yet most of us end up with the same pathetic IKEA prints on our walls. This is an attempt to bring real art back into people’s homes.
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Hello Product Hunters! 👋 As a fellow painter, I kept on cluttering my studio with unsold works. While I worked on refining my style and finding my artistic voice, I wished I could sell some paintings under a pseudonym to make room for more (and restock on supplies - they are pricy). This is when the idea of Oriol Gallery was born. Oriol Gallery is a curated art platform that aims to make great art affordable to all. It’s a win-win opportunity: artists are free to sell their works anonymously to recoup the cost of art supplies, while letting you purchase their works at a bargain price. Here’s a highlight of what makes Oriol Gallery different: - Anybody can submit artworks on the website by filling in brief form. No more sending out CVs to galleries and chasing them endlessly. - The prices are based exclusively on the size of the painting. Artists can calculate the price using the inbuilt calculator, saving them days of understanding how to fairly price their work. - Artists can submit their art under a pseudonym. This way they can experiment more, whilst keeping their public pricing unhurt. I really hope Oriol Gallery helps artists grow their careers and makes original paintings affordable to more art lovers. Dying to hear your feedback! 🙏 ~ Adrian
@ad31mar The 3D concept is great, maybe how you present the controls can be improved. I couldn't really understand what you meant by the control straightaway. The newsletter popup can be improved just by having a link somewhere saying Newsletter. I would like to sign-up to see weekly new art. Quite an interesting idea, and art is a market that is very stable in my opinion! Best of luck :)
@owenfar1 Thank you Owen! I'll work to make the 3D view more user friendly. As for the newsletter button, it's "Subscribe" placed in the bottom left corner. Would you recommend renaming it to "Newsletter" instead?
@ad31mar Subscribe is a bit vague, but it's still fine. I guess it's up to you or ask for further feedback. Can't think of anything better than that or Newsletter at the moment.
@owenfar1 Changed it to Newsletter, it even looks better 😊Thanks!
@ad31mar This is SO dope! My fiance and I just moved into a new place and we were literally talking about how we wanted to start collecting art but don't know where to start (and also have limited budget). Seeing this pop up on ProductHunt was truly one of those wonderful, existential moments. We've already discovered quite a few pieces that we want to buy, and for pieces we wanted that were sold it led to us discovering those artists on their primary mediums! I also love love love the way you made browsing into an experience. We mirrored this onto our TV and browsed all the pieces together. Magical!
1 - Filters. I don't want to browse paintings that are sold or not the right size. 2 - CTA for newsletter. I'm not going to remember your URL, and now I have closed your page. The LFV went from something to zero right there. 3 - Add more information on the paintings and/or artists. I understand the concept won't nessecarily allow for the same amount of info as a standard gallery, but a short blurb would add value to the painting.
@casinobonustip thank you for the tips! 1. Absolutely agree, working on filters as we speak. 2. The newsletter is set up to pop up after 15 sec spent on the site, I thought that's the most direct CTA there is :) 3. Artists have the option to set an additional description for their artworks, and some of them do. E.g. https://oriolgallery.com/art/col...
@casinobonustip @ad31mar Also, something's up with the way the artwork loads. I have to scroll, then wait for the images to load, then scroll and wait for the images to load.
@rossdcurrie thanks for the feedback. I made it snappier, is it better now? 😊
@rossdcurrie @ad31mar when I click on a piece of art I'd love for it to open in a new tab or when I click back it would be great if I wasn't put back at the top of the page it's a little prohibitive but completely worth the trouble as far as I can see. This is very impressive.
@rossdcurrie @jessicagottlieb Thanks so much for your kind words, Jessica! 🤲 Valid point, I will try to fix it!
Hey @ad31mar, This looks really cool! Really curious how you handle shipping and the like, as would love to buy myself some, but I'm based in the UK :)
@calum thank you, appreciate it! We ship worldwide and, in fact, most of the paintings sold to date were shipped to UK customers 🙂As soon as you make a purchase, we inform the artist and then he/she prepares the artwork for shipping. You should receive the painting within a week, together with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the painter.
@calum @ad31mar I really like the idea for this, good luck with the project. I do have a query though - if the paintings are being sold anonymously or under a pseudonym then what value is the certificate of authenticity signed by the painter? Presumbably for this to have any value it would need to be in their real name and not a made up one?
@calum @alan_smith4 IMHO, the certificate should work fine for pseudonymous artists (think of Banksy - personally, I would not turn back a certificate from him 😆). But for anonymous artists, I'll have to agree with you...
This is so cool! Truly a win-win both for artists and customers
@nelli_petikyan1 thank you Nelli, means a lot! 😊
Very cool project, I like the general idea behind it. Also its very creative to show Art in a 3D perspective. Can I ask you how you created the 3D surrounding and the ability to interact with it?
@kai_erne thank you Kai! 😊 Sure, I used three.js, which is an open source - check it out!