Track startups. Receive key updates. Peek into the future.

We collect the digital breadcrumbs left by startups on the web.

We structure this data and create indicators based on weak signals to foresee their potential.

We send you regular updates along the startup lifecycle to help you stay ahead of the curve.

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it's really good


it's really helpfull


I don't know better alternative

Hi everyone, We're a team of 3 data scientists (👨‍💻) from Polytechnique & HEC, passionate about the tech industry. We want to help tech investors scale their investment process thanks to alternative data and machine learning. ---------- 💻 Current Origination features: • Input a startup name --- if it's not already cached in our database, just leave us its website and we'll handle it (for the moment, we're focusing on covering the French startup ecosystem). • Receive regular email updates about this startup's lifecycle. ---------- 📡 Current signals & data sources under our radar: • Job listings: Evolution in hiring and headcount. • Social media: Founding team profiles, endorsements and public opinion. • Company ratings: Employees’ ratings and their loyalty. • Sales indicators: Online product ranking & reviews, traffic, discounts. ---------- 🛠We're at the very beginning of our journey: For now, we're extremely interested in knowing what you think. How can we make Origination your next tool to keep ahead of trends in the tech ecosystem? Drop a comment below👇 or shoot us a message 💌at team@origination.tech

Well done, very helpful.


Amazing idea !


No better alternative to their product.