Open source system for coordinating experts and machines

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Hi, Product Hunt! Today we’re excited to be making our first contribution back to the tech community by open sourcing Orchestra, a system for coordinating project teams of experts and machines. It can be used to reimagine and implement all sorts of workflows, from professional services (like legal, design, and data analysis) to new product experiences (like M from Facebook). Orchestra is based upon years of research into machine-mediated expert teams. We hope you’ll come up with new and creative ways of using it! At Unlimited Labs, we’re excited about building a brighter future of work and are currently building our first product on top of Orchestra. We’d love to answer any questions you have on Product Hunt, or feel free to email the team at hello@unlimitedlabs.com!
Nice work @jrbotros and team! Been seeing commercial solutions addressing part of the workflow problem (on-demand deliveries, etc.), but not something as flexible as Orchestra. It's awesome that you're making this open source too. Have you had anyone outside of Unlimited Labs try this for their application?
Hey @kunalslab! Sorry for the delay here. We're using the tool internally at Unlimited Labs for our core product, but haven't spread the word otherwise until now. If you have ideas for applications that would be cool candidates for using Orchestra, drop us a line on our Gitter channel at http://gitter.im/unlimitedlabs/o...!