A better, more stylish way to carry your keys

#2 Product of the DayFebruary 21, 2015
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Looks nice, reminds me of KeySmart (http://getkeysmart.com/)
I absolutely love mine. It really is one of those tiny things that changes the way you think about an annoyance. No more jingling, and now I know the the key closest to the end is for my house without second guessing it or fumbling around. Now only if car keys weren't so awful...
Backed this originally on Kickstarter because it seemed clever. The packaging was nice but the product wasn't very well made, and I just went back to jingling keys on a carabiner.
FYI its on discount on https://www.theclymb.com (for people in the US) :-) Sadly I'm in Sweden so paid full price, but looks worth it, super product!
Cracking idea. Although I'm surprised the car key extra isn't demonstrated on the homepage; I initially dismissed the product due to this assumed oversight.