Orbitkey Ring

The keyring, reinvented


Orbitkey Ring is an easy-to-use keyring. Designed to make attaching and detaching your keys effortless. There's no need to break your fingernail or pinch your fingers to pry open your keyring.

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How often do you change keys on a keyring? Why would you spend any money on a special keyring to use it less than one time a year on average?


Nice design


Do not really see a use case

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That's what I was wondering as well! Is this really that big of a problem?
mobile developer / entrepreneur
most helpful comment. seriously, how big is this problem. I feel most (not all) kickstarter projects are one time solutions not focused on solving painful, recurring problems. given the price point and marketing strategy it works but how often do we see them turn into real businesses. Max 3 months with good ROI.
Product Manager, Yack.net
I go for a run about twice a week and always take my 2 keys off my keyrings so I can carry them with me in separate pockets so they don't jangle annoyingly. So that's 4 times I have to faff taking the keys off and putting them back on. Sure, it's not a huge problem, and I doubt many other people do this, but there's definitely a use case there. I probably will get one as well.
Co founder of Quad Lock

If its anything like their other products it will be awesome


Awesome design and quality



Rex Kuo
Co-Founder of Orbitkey
Thank you for the kind words Chris!

Keyrings suck. I routinely take my house key of my ring so I can carry it running, leaving the rest at home. I then obviously have to put it back on, which, for my keyring, is a PITA.

While it's a first world problem for sure, this will make that a lot faster and easier. Convenience alone is worth backing the project and getting an Orbitkey Ring, which I just did.


Looks awesome and super easy to use.