Orbitkey Ring

The keyring, reinvented


Orbitkey Ring is an easy-to-use keyring. Designed to make attaching and detaching your keys effortless. There's no need to break your fingernail or pinch your fingers to pry open your keyring.

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Chris Peters
Robert Dempsey
Damian Konopka
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  • Pros: 

    Looks awesome and super easy to use.



    Keyrings suck. I routinely take my house key of my ring so I can carry it running, leaving the rest at home. I then obviously have to put it back on, which, for my keyring, is a PITA.

    While it's a first world problem for sure, this will make that a lot faster and easier. Convenience alone is worth backing the project and getting an Orbitkey Ring, which I just did.

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  • Pros: 

    Nice design


    Do not really see a use case

    How often do you change keys on a keyring? Why would you spend any money on a special keyring to use it less than one time a year on average?

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  • Chris Peters
    Chris PetersCo founder of Quad Lock

    Awesome design and quality



    If its anything like their other products it will be awesome

    Chris Peters has never used this product.