oratio Shop Assistant: eCommerce on Messenger

Product discovery, sales & customer service on Messenger πŸ’¬

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With oratio's Shop Assistant you just connect your WooCommerce shop and you will get an eCommerce bot for Facebook Messenger. πŸ‘ŒπŸ’‘
@__tosh Thanks for hunting us! We built oratio Shop Assistant to enable eCommerce businesses every around the world to sell products on messengers with just a few clicks – WooCommerce and Facebook Messenger are the first platforms we are working with. Ask us anything πŸ‘‹
@_bernhard hi Bernhard, I wanted to connect the Shop Assistant to my Facebook Messenger bot, but there's only Telegram, Kik and (how come?) WhatsApp. Help center states I have to connect my page, but there seems to be no "Add Pages" button visible. How do I connect my page and my bot? Thanks!
@d_golovatiy Hi Denys, please shoot us a message to m.me/teamoratio and we will take a look
@_bernhard there are lots of solutions for Shopify in fact I think support for FB messenger shop comes built in but I've been looking for a plugin like this for Woocommerce for a while now so this is great. Thanks! ....are you planning to integrate Apple Pay?
Can you explain what Shop Assistant is and why I'd want to use it with my store? I guess there are not many people familiar with eCommerce on Messenger yet.
@__tosh Messengers are already the dominant platform on smartphones. Many shop owner are still relying on the mobile web, which always has been (and still is) a second class citizen on mobile. With Messenger opening its platform it's now possible for businesses to connect with their customers on a platform they are already familiar with and which they use most. Customers can easily start shopping by simply starting a conversation with the Shop's Facebook Page. oratio Shop Assistant gives shop owners the possibility to connect their existing WooCommerce shop to Messenger, opening their shop to more than 1 bn potential customers on a native platform: Messenger.
Hey Bernhard, very interesting chatbot you have here. I have a few questions here: First, how does this compare with many other chatbots that are coming out right now, for example Shopbot by Ebay? Second, I played around with the chatbotconf chatbot and it doesn't respond to me beyond the initial "how can I help you?" message. I tried a couple of times and it still doesn't respond to me. Is it already full-functioning? Lastly, we're also developing conversion tools for e-commerce websites. Do you provide an open API for developers to integrate? I think it would be very helpful for the website owners.
So what languages is the chatbot supporting? And if it's just English - what are your plans on extending the language support?
@oliverlukesch Since we see a lot of interest for oratio coming from emerging countries such as Latin America, we decided to add support for Spanish in the first release as well. Currently we support English, Spanish and German – and soon more languages as shop owners gave us specifically this feedback.
How does Shop Assistant connect with the existing customer service platform?
@mikeseeh This is actually a very important point. oratio started as a customer service platform for businesses who want to reach out to their customers through WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Kik. As we are now enabling automated messaging through chatbots on our platform, the intersection between human and chatbots becomes crucial. If a user requests human assistance, a ticket is created on the platform and as soon as a team member is online and takes over the conversation, the user gets notified: A live chat session can begin.