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Looks like a great solution. How does it work though? Looks like a javascript popover when the cursor leaves the browser frame, is that right?
@ryanshook here is how it works, when a visitor lands on your website, OptiMonk begins tracking that visitor's behavior. The exit intent technology allows OptiMonk to determine the exact millisecond a visitor leaves your page. Once an exit intent has been triggered, OptiMonk displays a targeted offer to your visitor. Up to 25% of retargeted visitors will respond to your message and turn into subscribers or customers.
How is this different than Optin Monster or optkit.com or other exit intent popups? Just the focus on A/B testing and optimization of the pop up?
@vacord OptiMonk often encourage their users to take a 14 day trial with ALL features activated. This way you can have a clear picture of what makes it different from OptinMonster and other exit intent tools. once you create your account, a specialist will be available to speak with you and take you through a demo/tour as you create your first campaign, you can book a demo tour through this link: meetme.so/OptiMonk
@vacord OptiMonk does limit the features on a per-package basis as OptiMonk does. Obviously, the Free plan is more limited than the rest but OptiMonk is still much better value at every feature level. Check out the plans on their pricing page.