Quantified Self App Interpreting Your Data

Just a short intro about OptimizeMe app. We developed it to tackle two issues with Quantified Self space: 1. Self-tracking data is scattered across too many apps and devices. 2. Currently, data interpretation does not go beyond plotting data on nice looking charts. For this reason we created a simple to use app, that integrates existing data in an intuitive way (starting with activity tracker Moves) and automatically provides personal insights, e.g. How does walking influence your sleep? How does running affect your mood? How does your time spend at work influence your health? How do other people affect you? etc. What do you think about it? Feedback appreciated ;)
Welcome, @OptimizeMeApp! I haven't tried the app yet but looking at the website, it looks like you're trying to tackle several things at once (mood/fitness tracking, goal setting, support). Why did you choose this approach rather focus more narrowly on solving one specific problem in the QS space? P.S. this has similarities to Exist (http://exist.io/), @BelleBethCooper's startup.
Thanks @rrhoover It's true that OptimizeMe has a quite broad functionality. Our goal was to bring all the tools together that would enable the user to identify what needs to be changed in his life and then show how to do it. In our opinion, all the things we do and everyone we meet somehow influence our mood, health or fitness. And that's exactly what we wanted to show. There are some similarities to Exist. However apart from being a mobile application, OptimizeMe provides a more goal-oriented structure for all the data. Everything is allocated into four areas: Health, Creativity, Pleasure and Routine. This way it is more clear, what can/should be improved.
@OptimizeMeApp - I see. One of my favorite questions to ask is: How will you acquire users?
@rrhoover It's always a good question to ask ;) The short answer is: We are partnering with data providers. However I can't disclose much more here.