The world's first AI-powered image optimization API

Drastically speed-up your websites and apps and save money on bandwidth and storage. Optidash guarantees great byte savings and exceptional quality of your visual content.
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Hey Product Freaks, We're super excited to announce Optidash with you today! Optidash uses AI to optimize and recompress images allowing you to shave anywhere between 40% - 70% of the initial file size without any adverse impact on image quality. On top of that we offer a rock-solid GPU-powered API for rapid image transformation, cropping, enhancements, adjustments and face detection. Optidash is essentially a Photoshop for developers. Optidash API also supports external object storage - push your optimized images to AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM, DigitalOcean, Rackspace or Alibaba Cloud. If you're a designer or a photographer and you'd like to use our tech we also have something for you - a completely free Web Interface where you can simply drag-and-drop your images and download them back perfectly optimized in a split-second. As an appreciation to PH community we are offering 20% off for the first 3 months deal for all our plans with PHLAUNCH promocode.
@matylla can you point to the paper(s) that describe the AI algorithm that you use? Or can you say more about what your AI does?
@chrismessina Hey Chris, thanks for chiming in. Happy to answer - we use saliency detection to compute a heatmap of the strongest (most salient) fragments of the image. That model essentially tell us how the human eye would see the image and where it would look most likely. We than crop those salient regions and pass them to our ML model which predicts the most optimal quality settings for that single fragment. We are in the process of training another ML model which will (hopefully) predict which quantization tables to use when encoding the final output image.
Okay, some crazy tech you have there. I'm comparing two images and the optimized one is 78% smaller than the original. I'm zooming like crazy and can't tell the difference.
@kruksharita Thanks for your input. I'm glad you like out tech!
How is this different from ImageOptim?
@ryanchaliff ImageOptim is a desktop application running locally on your machine. Optidash is an image optimization and processing API running on our own machines able to process hundreds of images per second. It's essentially a Photoshop for developers allowing our users to transform images in every imaginable way and optimize them to the maximum.
Good luck with the launch! Landing page looks very polished and well-thought.
Looks good. How does it compare against Cloudinary?
@singhamardeep Hey there! Cloudinary (and imgix) offer so-called URL-based API which allows users to transform visials though URL parameters. I am not aware of smart image optimization and recompression functions on Cloudinary. Also, they are pushing more into DAM (Digial Asset Management) and video transcoding. Optidash is a pure REST API. One image comes in, one image comes out. That allows us to provide developers and content creators with rich functionalities and enables us to extend the API on a regular basis with new optimization and transformation capabilities.
@matylla They do recompression as well https://cloudinary.com/documenta... .. but yeah they are focussed more towards transformation and asset management. All the best!
@singhamardeep @matylla I don't really understand the difference