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Mahadevan R — CEO, RapidLoop
Hi! I'm Mahadevan, founder of RapidLoop. This is our first product, OpsDash. Would love to answer any queries you may have! Feel free to DM @therapidloop or drop us a mail at hello -at- rapidloop.com also. Cheers!
Lukas Fittl — Product Hunt
@mdevanr Thanks for hanging out here & sharing your product!

Apart from being self-hosted, what would you say that Ops Dash is really good at?

Any fancy things going on that we should know about? :) (e.g. automatically detecting metric anomalies, amazing integration with technology $X, etc)
Mahadevan R — CEO, RapidLoop
@lukasfittl @mdevanr Thanks for asking!

OpsDash was designed from ground-up to be better than existing solutions in every detail. Some examples:

- setting up MySQL monitoring involves only entering the hostname, user, pass in the UI. No agents, plugins, dependencies. Any service monitoring is as easy to set up.
- each service comes by default with intelligent dashboards. No need to figure out which of those hunders of MySQL metrics are important for health or performance.
- does not send you one email per alert and fill your inbox! Each email summarizes your ops situation, and you can restrict the frequency of emails. OpsDash also integrates with Slack, HipChat, PagerDuty and PushBullet for alert notification.
- OpsDash can also query AWS by tags to group your EC2 instances into clusters and show aggregate metrics over them.
Lynn Fredricks — President, Paradigma Software
The price certainly recommends it! Message me if you have any interest in integrating with our Valentina Server.
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