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Hey awesome ProductHunt community! Here is an app that has the power to change your daily habits, this time for the good! Are you looking for the next thing to do? Next competition to apply to? Next pitching event? Conference? Maybe a grant? You don't have to search any more - just set up your filters and get notified as soon as there is a new opportunity ready for you! The app is free for anyone to use, and can still be improved in many beautiful ways. We appreciate any feedback! Which other filters would you like to have? Would you like to filter by deadlines? How likely are you to share a discovered opportunity with a friend? Would you like to see who of your friends on social networks has 'favorited' the opportunities? Which apps come to your mind when using Opportunity Feed?
Liked the idea. A web interface would have been more suitable though.
@pradeep_io Thanks for the comment! We were thinking of a web interface and discussed it quite a lot, but putting it all in a mobile app with push notifications and smart filtering seemed like a better way to go. We assumed (quite reasonably) that most of us are way too busy to use a web interface, and would prefer being notified once there is something new worth your attention. Wouldn't you agree? Or would you prefer web interface anyway?
@epiq Well, if it is about work. I would prefer the web
@pradeep_io I can assure you that we will seriously consider introducing a web interface in case if there is enough interest among the audience ;) Thanks for your opinion!
@pradeep_io @epiq similar to how PH has focused on browser and browser push over web. there's just some things that are better suited to "work" mode. meetup for instance has a slick new mobile app that is not as useful as the web version.
@pradeep_io @epiq regardless i like the idea of expanding "opportunities" beyond job openings. otherwise you have a one and done experience. this is more holistic, potentially.
Hello ProductHunters! We are excited to be featured, and we designed Opportunity Feed to help you discover funding opportunities such as business plan competitions and grants. How do you like it? What features would you like to see in the app? We are eager to help and hear your feedback about Opportunity Feed.
This is perfect!
@pizzawithcoffee Thank you! We will nevertheless keep on improving to make it even better ;)
Looks great!
@evansims Thank you, we're glad you like it!