Kevin Li
@liveink · #NewStuff
oh man i wish people upvoted my original Operator post :/
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I’ve been looking forward to this since it was teased a year ago. @joshconstine published a fairly in-depth article on TechCrunch last night @naveen / @gmc - we’re seeing more companies converge in this on-demand, human+machine services space (you probably have a better term for it). Magic, Cloe, and Postmates are just a few https://opstatic1928982.s3.... Show More
Maksim Petriv
@talkaboutdesign · Founder of Design Hunt
Very interesting to me how you scale something like this while maintaining quality.
Todd Saunders
@toddsaunders · CEO @ adHawk
This all comes down to accuracy and speed. How quickly can the operator get what I need and will it be the right thing. Is there some sort of machine learning where the operator will start to understand what I like and dislike?
Brian Frank
@bfrank · Advisor/Investor in early-stage Startups
the power of 'unstructured requests that are handled by humans/AI' not only has the potential to disrupt Amazon & eBay, it may also take a bite out of Google's search business as well. Know this was what Aardvark was pitching back in the day, but Operator has the team to build and scale it.
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