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Kevin Li
Co-Founder at Farmstead
oh man i wish people upvoted my original Operator post :/
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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
I’ve been looking forward to this since it was teased a year ago. @joshconstine published a fairly in-depth article on TechCrunch last night. @naveen / @gmc - we’re seeing more companies converge in this on-demand, human+machine services space (you probably have a better term for it). Magic, Cloe, and Postmates are just a few. Do you believe there will be a “winner takes all” in this space long term? If so, why will you win?
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Chris Carella
Venture Partner, Five Four Ventures
@joshconstine @naveen @gmc @rrhoover I've been calling it "Augmented Human Intelligence" and I love all the activity in this space (and I work on Ask Alexis).
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David Spinks
Founder of CMX
@rrhoover assist is another one in this space. It's an incredibly tough one. I know from my experience at Zaarly and it makes me skeptical that anything that tries to be everything to everyone will succeed. I'm rooting for them, but I'd put my money on the service that specializes then expands rather than the one that tries to do it all from day 1. Remember, Amazon started as a book store.
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Co-founder, Try.com
@rrhoover @davidspinks couldn't agree more
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@rrhoover The link you posted has no href.
Sachin Dev DuggalSachin Dev Duggal, shoto
@rrhoover for many many tears there has been a nice of the world that has enjoyed a concierge service that takes away a lot of headache - whether its services like tenuk or centurion or quintessentially - ultimately - it was always in the reach of the more afflluent or those that had credit banking relationships! I feel you're seeing a new nexus coming - one is that the average audience is now trying to offload surplus work and "errand" style functioning. The idea they can offload to a service to do this from flowers to books is so much time saved for them. The problem has always been about building something that can replicate the "concierge experience" ie latency, immediate effectiveness etc. The other part of this story is simply that the number of apps and web sites is overwhelming, especially for a population that is coming online for the first time and so an SMS/app-sms-chat service that can ultimately contextualize and narrow the web for the first time users is incredibly important.
Maksim Petriv
Founder of Design Hunt
Very interesting to me how you scale something like this while maintaining quality.
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Srikrishnan Ganesan
Building Freshchat @ Freshworks
@talkaboutdesign outsourcing. Might be easier to pull off with text messaging, templates, etc than even with phone calls. Messaging needs to replace call centers. Imagine even the escalation of an issue is more seamless for an end user in this case.
Todd SaundersCEO @ adHawk
This all comes down to accuracy and speed. How quickly can the operator get what I need and will it be the right thing. Is there some sort of machine learning where the operator will start to understand what I like and dislike?
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Brian FrankAdvisor/Investor in early-stage Startups
the power of 'unstructured requests that are handled by humans/AI' not only has the potential to disrupt Amazon & eBay, it may also take a bite out of Google's search business as well. Know this was what Aardvark was pitching back in the day, but Operator has the team to build and scale it.
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