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- Stay connected to the people who discover the best music around the world.

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Adrien JOLYMaker@adrienjoly · Web developer + JS teacher.
Hi all, I'm now the lead maintainer of this project, so feel free to ask if you have any question! ^^ I'd like to thank @gillespoupardin and @jie for giving the keys back to the community, our volunteers for their contributions, and @katmanalac for adding Openwhyd on PH! 🙏 I'm pumped to help keeping this startup project (and its community of active users) alive! It'd be awesome if more startups do the same thing instead of shutting down their product. ✌️
Cole Mercer@colemercer · Product @ SoundCloud
@adrienjoly @gillespoupardin @jie @katmanalac Awesome to do this Adrien. Are you all also open sourcing the mobile app?
Adrien JOLYMaker@adrienjoly · Web developer + JS teacher.
@colemercer Hi Cole! It has to be confirmed by @gillespoupardin and @jie, but I believe that the iOS app will be open-sourced too, soon! Btw, I'm in Berlin for two weeks with the Mangrove freelance community ( <-- brilliant people inside). If you're around and would be interested in meeting some of us (for one of our workshops, and/or for beers!), please let me know. I'd love that!
Jie Meng-GérardMaker@jie · Co-founder, Whyd
@adrienjoly @colemercer Yes we are opensourcing the iOS app too. We'll do it within a month. Would be great to have iOS developers join the effort!
Gilles PoupardinMaker@gillespoupardin · Co-founder, Whyd
Hi folks! We started Whyd as a music bookmarking tool to collect, share and discover musical gems from Youtube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, MP3 blogs. Whyd has become an amazing community of 100,000+ producers, concert venues, DJs, bloggers, artists and music lovers around the world. The value of the platform is that it enables music lovers to find and play very specific versions of songs that they love, and are not available on major music platforms such as Spotify or iTunes – like rare remixes, DJ sets, bootlegs and epic live performances. Today, we're proud to open source the platform. Whyd becomes Openwhyd. Designers and engineers who are using the platform every day are already joining forces to continue the development of the platform. You can join the team here: Whyd, as a company, is now moving forward to reinvent the home speaker. Check it out at
Andrea Hernández@think_andreah · Founder, Pretty Eats
@gillespoupardin this is soooooo cool😎😎 but most importantly really useful to the music lover in me- I usually had a cluster F of tabs Soundcloud, stereogum, YT indieshuffle - etc 😂 Thanks for making it 🙌🏻
Gilles PoupardinMaker@gillespoupardin · Co-founder, Whyd
@think_andreah thank you Andrea, that means a lot.
Jie Meng-GérardMaker@jie · Co-founder, Whyd
Btw, Openwhyd also has a mobile app:
David Lung@davlung · Co-Founder, GoGoGrandparent
I've seen the home speaker they are making. It has better voice recognition than Amazon Echo, sounds better than Sonos and aesthetically designed like an Apple product.
Jie Meng-GérardMaker@jie · Co-founder, Whyd
@davlung Thanks! You made our day!
Kat ManalacHunter@katmanalac · Partner, Y Combinator
Whyd, the music streaming social network, is open sourcing their platform and are now becoming Openwhyd. Whyd lets users bookmark and curate tracks from YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Dailymotion and MP3 blogs, and connect with other music lovers.