OpenMoji 12.0

Open source Unicode-compliant Emojis for everyone

OpenMoji is an Open-Source Emoji set created by a team of over 50 students and 2 professors from HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd. OpenMoji 12.0 creates full support for the Unicode Emoji 12.0 standard (over 3180 emojis!), introduces an iOS app and an embeddable web font!
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3 Reviews5.0/5
What I really love about this project is that it was created by a community of over 50 people! A few single people would not be able to contribute the amount of time, effort and resources it takes to create an emoji set of over 3180 emojis like big companies can, fully Unicode Emoji 12.0-compliant! It was (and is) a lot of fun to work on this project!

Great tool, would recommend to everyone!


This is a great tool! We've used it a couple of times for our website & visual language at my company.


I would love it if there were a couple of more different styles available.

Thanks for the feedback, we really love to see OpenMoji being used! The site offers black and white and the color style, but if you wish for more different styles, I propose you open up an issue on the GitHub repo and explain what sorts of styles you had in mind. :) That’s the beauty of Open Source!
Awesome output!
How are emojis used in different text inputs like Chrome/Firefox... or in desktop apps like Word, for example?