Openfolio 2.0

Invest with friends - entirely new version of app

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UPDATE: our market data provider has had a MASSIVE OUTAGE today. Great timing for us, right? This means we can't show any pricing data, which obviously doesn't look good in the app. Please bear with us as we work on a backup solution. UPDATE 2: We're back! Market data is fixed! Hey ProductHunt! I'm the founder of Openfolio. We completely redesigned the app partially based on PH feedback around our first release, so a big THANK YOU to you guys. Our motto is DON'T INVEST ALONE. Openfolio does this by crowdsourcing data from thousands of everyday investors to offer real transparency into how your investments are really doing... with the ultimate goal of helping everyone invest better. We're big believers that better, more transparent data makes for better investing. There's been some comments recently from Jamie Dimon (CEO of JP Morgan Chase) arguing to block access to your financial data. We very much believe that you own your financial data... and we very much believe that we can leverage this data to help provide better, cheaper, financial advice. Please keep the feedback coming. We'd love to know what you guys think.
Version 2.0 of Openfolio just launched a few hours ago. Looks interesting, I'm checking it out now
@_jacksmith Thanks for hunting us Jack!
I like the aspect of social benchmarking and creating groups where you could compare the overall portfolio. My friends do not necessarily have the same investment strategy as mine and it is good to compare and learn! Plus the integration with @RobinhoodApp is awesome and was the reason for me to download and check it out!
Just downloaded the app, and it's definitely a major improvement! The onboarding flow, especially via the Web->App is awesome. Would love to see more FB integration into the app though--why even prompt me for FB creds at sign-up/login if I still need to manually invite my friends to groups I create? +1 on the feedback to let me see real dollar values for my own accounts. Would also love to see a stacked line chart of everybody's performance.
@imaznation very fair points on our FB integration not being deep enough. This is a work in progress and we've got some more wood to chop here. Appreciate the feedback.
@hal2001 Whoops, one more issue: the invite link the app generates doesn't work! When I give my friends the invite link, they get taken to the App Store's download page instead of triggering the group joining flow, even if they've already installed the app. :(
Not available in French Appstore ? 😟
@falemaster Félipé, Openfolio works by connecting to your brokerage and other investment accounts. Unfortunately, most financial institutions don't have any sort of standardized way to access their data (and they should! We think you own your own financial data!), so we've been forced to stay US-focused for now. Toutes mes excuses!