Open Doodles

A collection of free sketchy illustrations

#5 Product of the MonthOctober 2019
Open Doodles is a set of hand-drawn vector illustrations. You can copy, edit, remix, or redraw these images for any personal or commercial use.
Download the source files or play with the Generator to create your own
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Open Doodles is a set of free illustrations that embraces the idea of Open Design. You can copy, edit, remix, share or redraw these images for any purpose without restriction under copyright or database law (CC0 license.) I hope that this kind of resource makes it easier for designers to show the value of illustration in their mockups, or just add a bit of quirkiness to their products. Maybe this will encourage others to create their own kit and share it with the world. Some of these doodles are direct scans of sketches I drew on my notebook during downtime or meetings. Somehow, doodling while on conference calls help me focus. Why Open? I believe in the idea of Open Design. That the knowledge behind our craft shouldn't be kept behind gates but rather freely accessible to the world. By teaching and sharing our skills and best practices, we improve the community and increase the value of design. Openly sharing our work invites people to collaborate, tinker, learn from each other, and grow together. If you want to go beyond what this collection can do, I encourage you to hire an illustrator to help you tell your story in a better way. I list some resources on the about page: Go out and doodle!
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@pablostanley thanks for sharing this ! I'm a big fan of your work, always surprising us with creative and unique resources ✌️ I'm curious about the licencing, would you consider it releasing under MIT or a similar license ? Also, sent you an inbox long time ago about one of your works, just in case! (Saludos desde Colombia, estuve en DF hace poco y lo amé)
@pablostanley kudos from the fellow illustrators that launched with you today. Pablo, personally I'm a big fan of yours. Love you released it for free; love your copy; love the collection of links. 🖤🖤🖤
@pablostanley crushing it as always! But get back to work. :-)
@pablostanley this is awesome mate, I will add it to AllTheFreeStock
@juanpablosarmi Hey, Juan! I just placed them under the CC0 license, in the public domain, so that others may freely build upon, enhance and reuse the works for any purposes without restriction under copyright or database law! I added a note about that in the site too ;)
Thank you so much for this and the many valuable resources you keep on sharing with the world! Needless to say, they are beautiful illustrations!
@hansel_pahmer_sanchez Hey, Hansel. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this. That's really kind of you. I hope I can sharing stuff you like!
Awesome illustrations. Thanks so much for sharing.
@vidya_kanickairaj Hell yeah, Vidya! Super stoked to see that you liked them. Thank you.
Wonderful style, as always @pablostanley
@s2imon Thank you so much, Simon! That's really kind of you.