Igniting the sleeping curiosity of children

We provide the K12 students a platform to ignite their sleeping curiosity to face the threat AI brings to present world’s jobs and help them to be ready for future AI-proof jobs. Ootsuk is for the curious minds who believe that curiosity sparks innovation.
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In my childhood, I had no access to education going on outside school. The Internet was not cheaper. Even if I had questions, teachers would say "Don't worry, it's not in the syllabus or not coming in exams". Curiosity killed the cat - Sure. But my curiosity was ignored. Now that we have enough resources to know everything(almost!), we are not asking the right questions. The Universe has all the answers you need but what you have to do is ask the right questions. To solve this problem, we need to start where the problem arises. That is when we are in schools. Visit www.ootsuk.com/aboutus.html to know more about my vision and mission.