Onyx Electric Motorbikes

Powerful electric bikes that can hit 60mph and go for 75mi.


ONYX is introducing a line of powerful electric bikes inspired by vintage racing mopeds. ONYX bikes go further (75mi) and faster (60mph) than almost any other electric bike. And while electric bikes are notoriously expensive, these are available at a pre-order price of under $3k.

High speed sustainable transportation that won't break the bank.

3 Reviews
Kyle McCollom
Chris Cole
aaron ramirez
  • Kyle McCollom
    Kyle McCollomInternet maker

    finally, a beautiful, fast, affordable emotorbike


    i have to wait until september

    50% of my trips are on my eboard, and i've been thinking about buying an emotorbike for a while, but havent been happy with the options out there. saw this on indiegogo and immediately backed - perfect blend of price, look, speed, and range.

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  • Pros: 

    Great range and speed for the price.


    i cant wait for my RCR

    Ive been waiting for an ebike that was both off road capable and could be used as a daily commuter. I ride a ebike to work with Pedal Assist with a top speed of 20 and range of 20 miles and am tired of being passed by other bikers and traffic.

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  • Chris Cole
    Chris ColeDesigner / Futurist

    Awesomely fast, super long range, affordable electric bikes.


    Unsure about how a cop would treat it.

    Backed them on Indiegogo and can't wait to put them to the test in September.

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