OnPage Champ

Webiste tracking and on-page SEO A/B testing tool

Website change tracking and on-page SEO A/B testing tool that helps you
-> Track websites for on-page SEO changes. Fully automated.
-> Correlate changes with rank fluctuations.
-> Run SERP Audits to know on-page SEO gaps (wrt top Google ranks)
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Dear Product Hunt Community It has been more than a year since we started working on OnPage Champ, and I am excited to launch the tool for your use and feedback. We designed OnPage Champ for SEO focussed founders, inhouse SEO teams and digital marketing agencies. 🧐 The Problem When it comes to SEO efforts, most of us rarely maintain & record the on-page SEO changes made to our website(s). As a result, we don’t have a method to figure out which on-page SEO change helped us gain ranks, and which didn’t. Worse, there’s no option to revert to the previous copy, except relying on our memory. Even if you are maintaining a change log, it happens via difficult to maintain excel sheets & word documents. Correlating content changes to rank fluctuations becomes a task. If you are managing a SEO team, reviewing their on-page SEO work and understanding its impact takes a lot of effort and time. All in all, on-page SEO is still a blackbox, be it from process perspective or impact perspective. You know it works, but which part and in what proportion, we all keep guessing. 💡 The Solution With OnPage Champ, understanding the impact of on-page SEO on Google ranks becomes a breeze. You can automatically track your website, or that of your competitor and derive useful insights from the changes that are made to the content week on week. You can also track Google rank fluctuations and correlate them to on-page SEO changes that are made. Our users are saving 20+ hours a month in competitor on-page SEO research & website documentation. OnPage Champ’s vision is to offer everything to run on-page SEO experiments and identify the changes that work for your website (so that you can scale them up even further). 🚊 What next OnPage Champ goes beyond most SEO tools that are focussed on just backlinks or keyword searches. We are on a fast development timeline to offer functionalities that can drastically cut down your on-page SEO research and experimentation time. I appreciate your time to read till here. 🙏🏼🙏🏼 If you find it useful, do leave a comment below ❤️, sign up for the tool and test it out. 💰💰Exclusive offer for Product Hunt Community💰💰 We are offering a flat 30% off on our Monthly, Annual and Custom plans. More details here:-> https://onpagechamp.com/product-...
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Very convenient with SERP Audit and domain tracking. Earlier we have been tracking seo changes manually and this makes page tracking very easy.
@samar_kundal Thanks Samar for being our early user.
It makes onpage SEO a piece of cake!
@nilamoswal Glad to hear that.
Currently I try to track all changes manually in excel sheets, certainly forget to track a lot many changes. This is the perfect solution, will save a lot of time and headache. Giving it a try.
@durbarghosh Awesome, that's what we have built OnPage Champ for. By the way, you can also monitor competitor websites within the tool. Do try that out.
This is a good product. We are using at kissflow.com
@sureshsambandam It's a pleasure to have Kissflow as one of our customers. Let's keep ranking higher :-)