Like instagram but for music

#5 Product of the DayMarch 29, 2015
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One of our beta users said "It's like Instagram and Spotify had a cute little baby" - I think that sums it up nicely. Also, we'd love to get feedback and we're already working on a few updates and bugs to make it better <3
OneSong is a free app that lets you listen to the sound of people’s lives, updated one song at a time. It’s the daily soundtrack of you and your social network. It works with Spotify Premium on iOS, you can do stuff like: - Share a song that you are right now with your friends - Listen to your friends songs – they become your playlist - Get inspired of popular and trending users - Comment, like and resong - Explore hashtags and trending songs - Listen to music for free without advertising (if connected to Spotify Premium) Pretty cool!
How do you see this differentiating itself from whyd, soundwave, and others in the consumer - consumer music sharing space?
@dgreenstein1 Hi David - thanks for reaching out! I'd say the difference lies in the simplified social focus of posting just one song at a time to your followers. The soundtrack of your daily life so to speak. Just like Twitter did for text, Instagram for images, and Vine for video - OneSong is making the format smaller and shorter. We simply thought sharing updates from your life through music was missing from the sharing space. Also, turning individuals, groups of friends and open hashtags into different playlists, was something we thought could be done in an easier way :) Will gladly talk more and hear your thoughts if you're interested! <3