Level up your mobile in-app capabilities with OneSignal’s Carousel. Improve your onboarding, announcements, and more. Build up to 10 screens of customizable content in minutes. Carousel supports images, gifs, logos, buttons, and surveys - no code required.
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George Deglin
CEO, OneSignal Push Notifications
Before we pivoted to becoming OneSignal, we were a mobile game studio. The onboarding for our games was one of the areas we most frequently modified, and we discovered that small changes or localization could make a huge difference in user engagement. We also often updated the experience for holidays or promotional periods. Unfortunately, each modification required engineering time and a multi-day app review process. ⏰ That’s why I’m so excited we’re announcing the release of the OneSignal In-App Messaging Carousel product. With Carousel, what previously took hours or days of work and a new app submission, can be done in just a few minutes and the click of a button. Use Carousel to: * Enrich your onboarding flow * Highlight announcements and updates * Ask for device permissions, such as notifications or camera access * Provide personalized recommendations and deep link to products * Implement quick surveys without redirecting users * Ask users to rate your app No need to explain an entire flow in a single snapshot (looking at you, Ikea instructions!) or decide between competing CTAs. Now you have more space to provide more context or clearly break things down step by step. Setup, customize, and launch in minutes. 🚀 Our beta users have seen exciting results with Carousel, including increased engagement, user retention, and opt-in rates. You can also access analytics by card to understand what resonates with your users. For a limited time, we’re offering a discount for any new customers who sign up to use Carousel. After creating a OneSignal account, send us a message and mention this post for your personalized offer. Thanks for checking it out, and we’d love to hear your feedback or suggestions! 📣
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Igor NefedovWorking on Trudo.ai
This looks really interesting! I always wanted to craft a short intro to the app, but it just takes time to program - automation of that would definitely be helpful. Will definitely check out the new product🙌
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Ruslan Shulga
Customer Success Manager
It's very interesting. I'll be test it.
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