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Hi Folks - try OneScreen and OneMob for free! After the trial, you can choose one of our plans: www.onemob.com/pricing
You can use OneScreen and @OneMob with @Salesforce or stand alone. Login here: www.onemob.com/login
Are you planning on adding a webcam functionality? I know that Vidyard has the ViewedIt chrome extension, and you can do a screenshare or a webcam... or combine both...
@teedubya Absolutely! Stay tuned as we plan to add more to OneScreen. With OneMob, you can already record a video of yourself using either our mobile apps or you can record a video using your webcam (we just haven't integrated that into OneScreen yet). So what folks do is they'll record a personal video and then record a screen recording. You can customize our landing pages, so you can add multiple videos, documents, links, etc. to tell a more complete and immersive story.
@teedubya you can now record your face using the webcam with OneScreen - install the update today!