OnePlus One

The flagship killer

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"2014 FLAGSHIP KILLER" is the best tagline I've seen in a while, love the edginess.
@clarklab To clarify, I meant it's not some newfangled technology like Oculus Rift, but it's an excellent product. The entire project was done in-house in Shenzhen, China. Stunning.
Are there any others here based in Hong Kong or Southern China? I'm really interested in meeting other ProductHunters in the wild. OnePlus is rolling out their phone, finally, and I think good times are coming for more China products.
This may not be the sexiest of early adopter products, but I think the era of affordable hardware is underway. The OnePlus Team is also awesome, and really leading the way companies can innovate from China (which is arguably more important than the product)
@nzieber not sexy? Check out some "real life" photos in this review: (they are basically what made me *really* want this phone).
What does "Flagship killer" mean?