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thks very much @ediggs! Concerning the concept and the philosophy of the product you'll find pretty much everything on the site itself. I would like to add a couple of things here: 1- is planned to be open to the community. People will be able to add resources on the onepagers themselves and even to open their own onepager. 2- A Chrome extension is planned so that members can add these resources directly while browsing. No need to come back to the website everytime. 3- still thinking about how to open the mindmaps though (If you have any idea :-))
Cool little thing. Good for both newbies to specific industries and investors who need market overviews. Just keep them all as consistent as possible. Some of them had market size -- others didn't, etc.
@benparr thk you very much for the feedback, really appreciate! Will definitely try to keep it more consistent.
this is awesome, great idea, just subscribed!
@bramk thks! Really appreciate!
Well done, @clemnt. Other than Bitcoin, Drug Startups, and Drones, what topics are you planning to cover next? How do you choose these categories and are you planning to add more wiki-like functionality crowdsource the content? cc @rklusas @mishachellam
@rrhoover yo! How are you ? 1- I chose these topics because they interest me (in term of tech trends) 2- I would like to cover so many other topics (in the B2B software world, in the mobile world, IOT etc...) but it takes time :-) I have to admit that this hunt comes a bit early :-) I have many ideas in mind and directions to explore but before thinking about scaling, new features and other stuff I would like to validate the value it brings and to which people. I think it's a mistake many startupers do, they think about scaling before they even understand the value they bring to whom. You didn't do it and I think that's the point where you are with PH: you've managed to detect the value it brings (and to whom), now you need to scale it :-) (no easy task I think) So basically I first need to validate this aspect and after to offer the proper tools to the community so it becomes "self-serve". The key is in understanding the value chain because it requires time and effort to maintain such a onepager so the value you'll get out of maintaining it should overcome the effort you put in it.
@clemnt Cool idea! Categories are bit too broad to be interesting. I think you could have a million specific topics. e.g. "Internet of Things". @rrhoover got any good design references for wiki-like crowd sourcing?
@clemnt 100% agree and generally it's better to release early to get feedback (I'm telling myself that as the iOS app is close to release but it's so tempting to wait another week to add just a few more things). @tarikh other than the obvious Wikipedia, take a look at Rap Genius and Hackpad.
Thanks @clemnt - you've inspired me to write this post on 10 tools for understanding and dissecting an industry (with praise for -
@clemnt 1) is this similar to whale path? cc @artemgassan 2) are you planning to monetize by selling to big companies? 3) how do you cater to both the newbie and professional?
@ediggs Thks! really cool post!
@eriktorenberg yo 1- thks, didn't know it 2- to be honest I have a great job (working with fantastic people) so i'm not thinking about making it a full time activity. I basically just wanted to make something cool out of what I do for fun and out of interest (analyse tech trends). So my main driver is not to make money from it. In terms of BM, as I said in a comment above, a "marketplaced" and crowsourced version of Gartner could be interesting (people could get money out of doing the job of collecting data and analysing it). 3- these onepages are meant to be a point of entry to understanding tech trends and after to 'catalyse' each community. The onepager itself is useful for the newbie and the RSS feed is a step after for the professionals who can stay informed of resources added by the community.
@ediggs nice article. Now let me introduce you to @datafoxco - your portfolio company ;)
@Nivo0o0 thanks, I'll add it to the post :)