OneOme RightMed test

Get on your path to more personalized prescriptions


The RightMed test, co-developed by Mayo Clinic, analyzes your DNA to provide information to your doctors on how you may respond to hundreds of medications.

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My test results show that I have a gene that does not function at the same level as the average person. There are several drugs listed in my report that could cause life-threatening side effects if I took them, and now my doctor and I can choose from alternative drugs that may work better for me.


The OneOme test is inexpensive, easy to take, and the results are easy to understand.


The test cost is not covered by my insurance plan, but I can pay for it with my HSA.

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I found this very helpful, despite not being on many medications currently, as it provides a lot of peace of mind to know which medications will work for me before I need them. My provider happily ordered for me, and found the results very interesting. Being a newer technology, many providers are still being brought up to speed and educating themselves; making it all the more important for patients to advocate for themselves and make this their own standard of care!


Affordable and actionable, plus you'll have the same results for the rest of your life!


Not all doctors are aware of the benefits of this type of genetic testing

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