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I built this while exploring low friction ways to get to great content. I wanted to spend less time aimlessly scrolling through Twitter/Facebook, but still have a way to find great longform. I also was amused by the idea of building a consumer facing web product that didn't have its own (meaningful) web presence. This was a quick hack, but I would love to hear what people think!
@quintendf This is awesome! I love longform content but it's hard to find good articles.
@OsmnShkh thanks! was exactly why I built it. Curious how you end up using it.
I'm fascinated by products that have "invisible UI's". It doesn't require you to go to a website, open an app, or change your workflow significantly to use the service., Planleaf, and FollowUpThen are a few others that come to mind. @quintendf are you planning to add to this? Perhaps add categories (e.g. navigate to to read a long-form post on that subject)?
@rrhoover thanks! the invisible UI idea was what made it fun. I thought about removing the artificial delay altogether (so you never saw anything at, and still may do that. I think the "channel" concept is the logical next step. I may add one for academic CS papers, or other hard to find types of content. Other than that, there are a few common sense changes (keeping people from getting sent to the same article twice), but I'm avoiding doing anything that requires user accounts or logging in.
@quintendf I'm not sure if this was intended but I like that you don't let me enter an email to get more crap in my inbox. I like that it's a destination site that will take me to a great article and I can pull the URL up whenever I want. I'd love to collaborate on some future hack together, I think it'd be fun
@ZackShapiro haha, I hear you on the email capture - I'm still trying to figure out a good way to customize the experience for different users (and maybe that ends up being by email), but I like the simplicity so far. And yeah, a future hack would be awesome - lets chat sometime soon on ideas you're kicking around!
Awesome idea. Added it to my bookmark bar for those moments when I want to get away from work stuff for a few minutes. Great work @quintendf
@kam_bain Thanks! Glad to hear it.