Sync e-mail attachments to GDrive, Dropbox, Box, or OneDrive

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Hey guys, I’m the creator of I built it as a way to spend less time digging through my e-mail for attachments. With, every attachment you send/receive is automatically organized intuitively in your cloud drive for you. Would love to answer any questions you guys might have!
What's the distribution strategy? Are there any stats you can pull on what the breakdown of 'searching for files in emails' are? If so, you might be able to find market signals that highlight an addressable, receptive demo. I'm thinking Lawyers, academics, doctors... maybe new Evernote users. Have you considered reaching out to 'workflow efficiency' influencers and giving them affiliate deals? This sounds like something Joe Rogan or Tim Ferriss might be into... also, I'm sure the storage companies would *love* to have this data on their platforms... have you reached out to their social / marketing teams for cross-promo?
@ReubenMetcalfe, solid ideas and questions! You brought up a lot of points, so I hope I hit all of them. As far as a distribution strategy goes, we rely mostly on word of mouth currently. Hoping to nail key partnerships in the future with email providers/cloud storage companies. I don’t have a good breakdown on what type of person spends longer searching for files in emails, but I know that it is a pain point for accountants, small business owners, and heavy e-mail users I’ve spoken with. As I get more data about what type of users I get, I will tailor the experience as necessary for the best target demo. As for Evernote users, I hope we can roll out an Evernote integration at some point; it would be really cool to have your attachments there; I'm sure many would like to consolidate all of their workflow data, notes and documents in Evernote I would love to reach out to ‘workflow efficiency’ influencers in the near-term. Hoping to address any potential bugs, concerns, and product feedback from my early adopters here first. Cross-promotion with the storage companies would be amazing, know anyone at a storage company I should talk to? :)
@lopez_emilio Best way to go about it is to use advanced LinkedIn targeting to find 'business development' or 'partnership' folks at cloud storage companies, tell them you're interested in showing them what you can do, and ask for a specific 15 slot for a quick demo, citing that you think it could be a great PR boost for both of you. Good luck! :)