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#1 Product of the WeekNovember 12, 2014
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This is really interesting. It feels like menu bar apps are becoming more prevalent. I feel the simplicity of mobile has started to bring some inspiration back to the desktop. ps - we should have a mac menu bar collection on PH :)
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@JasonLBaptiste +1 Love my menu bar apps!
@ItsJoeTurner @JasonLBaptiste Yeah, I'd love to see that collection too
@JasonLBaptiste +1 I get a lot of flack at work for my extensive menu bar. Luckily there's Bartender ( to organize them all.
@JasonLBaptiste That's a neat idea. I use a lot of menu bar apps (caffeine to keep my display on, interface lift for wallpapers.
Panda Chrome App ( is my favorite newsfeed solution. It doesn't clutter my desktop. Plus you get cool, new design inspiration, daily. (posted 9 months ago by @williamchanner)
@lovethecool Big fan of Panda too @williamchanner and team are doing a great job with it
@lovethecool Good looking out! Thanks for the mention.
This is similar to The Hunt ( posted by @nikkielizdemere but with more sources.
Interesting app, but it would be helpful if I can adjust the width of the drop down in order to see the full title of each article.
Anyone who doesn't have a Mac can use a similar Chrome extension called Panda.