One Year Of Design 2017

A showcase of the best designs 2017 ✨


One Year Of Design is a showcase of kick-ass designs and color palettes collected for Pixels in 2017 πŸŽ‰

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Bryan Edelman
Zachary Reese
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  • Zachary Reese
    Zachary ReeseSenior Designer, UPenn

    😟 😟 😟


    user interface is literally unusable

    I feel like I should be screaming "NO WHAMMIES!" when moving my mouse around on this site.

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  • Da Malibiran
    Da MalibiranWeb Designer

    Generating Ideas


    :( UI

    The idea is really great. Lots of design stuff that could help designers grab new ideas for the next projects.

    I think the website will be better if you change the User-Interface to card-based style page like Pinterest or to News feed/Magazine style.

    Da Malibiran has used this product for one day.
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